The business environment in our country is very unfair from competitors and government. I am a firm believer that we must follow the law of the land but unfortunately if we do that it becomes very difficult to earn money.

1. Law says you must issue receipts on every transaction (this will increase our tax payment)

2. Most of the items that we sell in our line of business comes through illegal means so when we go purchase they don’t give us receipts and if they do they will charge us more

3. Even though we try to follow the law. The officials will come and harass us and ask for money.

What does Islam say on how to deal in such situations?

What is commonly acceptable by decent people and governments turn a blind eye to is OK.

By turning a blind eye I mean are aware of it and don’t mind it. It’s a matter of deregulation or accepting common practices since the law is not very practical. This happens in some bureaucratic systems.