The Euro million lottery and national lottery in uk have a portion given away to charities. Which help the community in many projects such as education, health, sports and community projects etc.

1. If I buy the lottery with intention of my money helping towards those projects and not winning. Is it halal to buy the lottery?

– If i win anything, what is the ruiling on the money. Can I use it as permissible halal?
– Is it halal to use as loan for investment? And give away the amount I won to charity after?
– Halal to give away to anyone else in family?

2. I give away the said lottery to someone else before the winning numbers i.e. i buy the lottery and do not care of the winnings or not but only bought to contribute my money that I paid to buy the lottery to the charity causes of lottery and then gave the lottery ticket as gift to someone else (i.e someone in family) before any winnings known. And specify that I do not want or intend on any rights of any winnings no matter how big. Is it permissible for the other person to accept a lottery ticket as gift?

Will the winnings if any from the lottery be halal for the person I gave it to in this case?

What if they gift me anything or use that money to buy me something is that halal for me.

3. Please clarify in which cases of the action of buying a lottery or raffle is deemed permissible and in which cases the winnings of a lottery or raffle is deemed ok to accept.

4. Are raffles considered ok if the motivation to buy the ticket was to win something? why are raffles genrally considered. ok?

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