The fact is that most people in the world will just follow the religion of their parents and if they don't they will just follow whatever morals or beliefs their society propagates.

Why are people this way? You might respond: "because of their free will", but I honestly think that this is just the way us humans are. What are the odds that a random southerner will even attempt to read the Quran, let alone accept Islam. Odds are that he will never accept Islam simply because of the environment that he grew up in. He can't really be blamed for this.

You can say that Allah will take into account everybody's situation, but why did Allah create us this way in the first place?

Could he not have made people slightly more intelligent and slightly less biased?

Most people won't accept religion not even because of deep and intellectual reasons, but rather because of stuff like "the problem of evil" or "Islam is immoral"

I am a random southerner from South Carolina who accepted Islam in 1999 after investigating/studying the religion.

I started a program which has al hamdu lillah converted over 1,400 Americans to Islam throughout the United States. So, yes if religion is presented correctly they will accept inshallah.


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