The message mentioned below i Had received it but i got a few questions regarding name of zuljanah in my mind. ive learnt that murtajiz was the Horse of Maula Abbas a.s but this message says zuljanah's real name was murtajiz please can You Help me out with this confusion?

The original name of Zuljanah was Murtajiz who was purchased by our Holy Prophet(saww) from an Arab named Haris.
When Imam Hussain ('a) was a mere child and was learning to crawl, he used to go frequently to the stable of Zuljanah and look at him. Once the Holy Prophet ('s) said that his grandson ('a) was looking curiously at the horse as if some mysterious conversation was taking place so he said:

“My dear Hussain, do you want to ride the horse?”

And he replied:

“Yes Grandfather, I do.”

The horse was saddled on the order of the Holy Prophet ('s) and the Imam ('a) came near to him with a wish to ride, so suddenly the horse sat on the ground and the Imam ('a) mounted on him.

All those watching were pleased at the sight, except for one: tears began to flow down The Prophet's cheeks. When asked why, on what should be a happy occasion, he was weeping, Muhammad (saww) replied:

“You are not aware of what I foresee. A day will come when my grandson will not be able to keep himself in the saddle due to his extremely wounded condition and this very horse “Murtajiz” will then dismount my grandson on the burning sand of the “Desert of Karbala” with the same consideration, stooping on his four legs and sitting on the ground as he has just done here.”

Imam Hussain’s (as) horse had both of these names.