The one thing i dont get is in Islam circumsission HAS to happen, so does that mean allah made a male penis imperfect’

Regarding this question I would like to tell you that the Human body in comparison to many animals seems very weak for example Dogs have 6 times more smelling power than any Human. It doesn’t mean that Humans are created incomplete. So many things we need according to our lifestyle or nature if humans get same smelling power what dogs have it would be very difficult to live because same time God has given us intellect also so we can’t bear some bad smell in our surroundings. Now if a human circumcision their additional skin in order to keep themselves more clean and free from many bacterial infections then it doesn’t mean that this is the only way and if they don’t do that then they will not live in comfort. Like if we don’t cut our nails and don’t be careful about them then make sure it will automatically broken but not in a way how nicely and properly we cut it. Then it will create a problem in our daily life. If you see Islamic Shariya you will find circumcision is only wajib for those when they do Hajj while rest it is not written that doing circumcision is wajib like offering Salah. That is why you don’t find that it is must for those who accepts Islam in their adult age they must do circumcision also.
Rest Allah knows better.