The Prophet {sawa} wore a carnelian ring and ordered Imam Ali {as} and his followers to do likewise along with other gemstones of whom each has a special significance.But carnelian is supposed to be the most important one in Shia Islam since it is the one that testified that Muhammad {sawa} was the Last and Final Prophet and that Imam Ali {as} was his Succesor. But now a days most akik rings are not genuine carnelian but agates heat treated and dyed to resemble the stone. In this case,I feel that Im not receiving the full blessings of the stone and therefore I do not know if it really matters or if I'm incorrect in my assumptions. And If I'm not incorrect then where can I purchase an authentic carnelian ring since now a days it is very difficult not to get an agate instead?

This ring is called aqiq. They are easily found sold in Iraq/Iran. Sometimes people bring them from there and sell them in the West.