There are tons of YouTube channels which spread wrong fabricated hadiths about the Holy Prophet and his pure Household ( peace be upon them) which are straying a lot of people, especially the ignorants. People don’t apply logic or do research and simply believe what these Ahlulbayt-hating youtubers have to say.

1) Its wrong to stay quiet when wrong is being done as our religion says, but when neither the speaker nor the audience is ready to listen, should I still put up my views?

2) And when there is no end to their ruthless channels, should I comment on each and every anti-Ahlulbayt video that I come across so that I may be not amongst those who were quiet when they should have spoken up against the falsehood being spread?

3) Even here in India our Shia community believes strongly that Hazrat Qasim ibn Hasan (a.s) got married to Fatima Kubra (s.a) on the 7th of Muharram. But people follow it blindly just because it has ALWAYS been done like a tradition. Nobody is ready to listen, read, think, or ponder over the Islamic aspects or history. They just do it because it’s always been done that way.

1- You should still put up your views, but do so in a gentle and effective way. Sometimes the approach/method is very important in convincing people.

2- You don’t need to commend on each video or comment. Just choose the most viewed videos/comments and put your views there so you maximize the number of persons it will reach

3- Regarding other issues like the marriage of Qasem, it’s best not to confront them or any saying about it because there really isn’t a point to it. People in different cultures like to express their love for the event of Karbala in different ways, so as long as they’re not doing something haram, let them do so. Confronting them causes unnecessary tension and disunity, so it should be avoided