There is a group called the Shaykhis. I do not know their exact beliefs, but the ones I have talked to claim that the Ahlul Bayt created the universe, distribute wealth and perform miracles by their own doing. They do not believe in Tafwid, but they say that Allah has exercised His Will by using the Ahlul Bayt as His "Pen". That is, Allah created the world by giving the Ahlul Bayt power and the Ahlul Bayt exercised that power to carry out Allah’s Will.

They also claim that the Ahlul Bayt know the timing of the Hour (the day of judgement), and that the Ahlul Bayt distribute rizq and maintain the world, and that they do miracles by the power given to them by Allah rather than them asking Allah or mentioning His name for permission and power to do the miracle

Are these people permissible to pray behind?