There is a name for God called yahweh in which I do not understands and it bothers me
1) Then who is Yahweh
2) Is Allah swt and Yahweh of Christianity are completely different God?
3) Why is it the name of Allah is more General while Yahweh is more a personal name?
4) If Yahweh and Allah are the same can we adress Allah as Yahweh?

1- Many meanings have been mentioned for Yahweh. One meaning is “the Creator,” and this is one of the names of God.

2- No it is the same God. However, the people of the book have prescribed false attributes to God, such as Him having a son. But they are referring to the same God that Islam calls onto. The same one that Prophet Ibrahim called on to.

3- Originally Yahweh was not a personal name. It was one of the names of God. Some Jews started to treat it like a personal name when they started to ascribe personal qualities to God.

4- Yes, we can, but we must make sure we are not doing so in a context that appears to be condoning Jewish beliefs.