There is a person I know, he is Shia, follows the everything just the way we do including wilaayah, believing in 12 imams, practicing Muharram and etc. There is no difference whatsoever just apart from the fact that they dont do “Taqleed” of a particular marj’ah.
Their community does have a leader however, who is a direct descendant of Imam Jaffar as Sadiq (a.s), who guides them just the way a marj’ah guides us. The way we call ourselves Ithnaasheri their title is Mashayakhi. It's nothing like the Ismaeelis or Bohras. The only difference is they dont do taqleed.
However I read from the app iSistani regarding taqleed of a mujtahed. It said that Taqleed means to follow and Mujtahed is a knowledgeable leader that a community or person can follow and ask advice from regarding Islam and its practices.
What are your views on this? Is it right? And would it be permissible to marry in this community? And after marriage what should be the conditions for the children? As the child gets the title of his Father.

I understand that such groups exist.

With respect, we believe taqlid of the most knowledgeable mujtahid is necessary and a must. This is the teachings of our ulema. Although we respect others who don’t follow this, we disagree with them. Marrying into such community is permissible