There is a ruling for Sayyed Sistani, where he states that if the water smells the odor of a excrements for example, it’s najis.

What if, if one keeps one cleaning but even after around 1 hour of cleaning (applying shampoos), there is still odor, and this isn’t a one time only thing, going to the bathroom results in a minimum of 1 hour just to put out excrements. Am I missing something? Does the ruling differ in my situation? Whenever I smell my hand after putting out excrements my hand smells excrements. Even when I wash with soap, whenever I wipe my hand after finishing to see if the odor is still there, the odor is still present in the water that’s on the anus

In this situation, there is no najasah or problem as long as you know that you washed sufficiently to remove everything. You do not need to pay attention to the odor