There is a woman who is studying phD in Japan, and her husband is in Indonesia, they have been in a long distance marriage for 1,5 year and they need to wait for her to graduate for 1 year more. She gets an offer to work (post doctoral) in Australia after she graduate from phD program. She asked her husband and he didn’t seem to reject this condition even though it’s a lil bit difficult for him but he decided to support his wife. However, the wife doesn’t know what to decide, what’s best for her family in the eye of Allah and religion, would you mind to give suggestions and advices regarding this condition sheikh?

1- These days both parents must make their children their priority, not their career. I recommend that she prioritizes raising her children when she has children. This might that sometimes she’ll have to work part-time or not work at all.

2- Australia has some good Muslim communities, so it’s best if she lives close to those communities so her future children can benefit from Islamic programs.

I don’t see any concerns accepting this offer as long as her husband is supportive (and it won’t cause tension between them later because he wants to be upset about it let’s say), and she will prioritize raising righteous children.