There is a YouTube by the name of (removed). They regularly make a hoard of academic videos to refute the Shia ideology. My question is esteemed sheikh, has any scholar recognized the existence of such a channel? Are they working to refute their academic arguments? They even have a website called, and they post their so called refutations there too. It would be extremely helpful for laymen's such as myself to have an answer to most of the things that they say.

Such sites and channels promote sectarianism and have no basis. All of their points have been answered strongly and refuted by our ulema in thousands of books.
The best way is academic calm discussion based on evidence. Giving attention to these sites only supplies them with the oxygen they’re desperate to get for publicity. Channels and sites are many which attach shiasm. We have to provide alternative sites where the beautiful message of Ahlulbayt is presented with wisdom and intellect