There’s a brother, who was asking me a question about Shirk, and if it’s forgiven or not, and I gave him the example of Pharaoh, and told him, that he’s a mushrik.

And that he won’t be forgiven, because he knew Allah (SWT) and still decided to deny him and not submit.

So he asked this, and I don’t know how to answer:

Do you mean that those who die a mushrik knowing all well in their hearts that Allah exists (because they want to seem different and are arrogant) are the ones that are unforgiven?

And that those who die a mushrik simply because they were overwhelmed by all these religions and did not know what to believe could be forgiven?

So basically, even dying a mushrik depends on why you died a mushrik? and is not an instant death sentence?

Quran says if you die a mushrik Allah will not forgive you.
So the state at time of death is important