There’s a certain topic in my life that has come up which now surrounds me with confusion. I’m a girl and I’m friends with this other girl who is also muslim. I got introduced to her a little over a year ago now, and I can say her and I are pretty close and so are our families. However, just today I found out that this girl has a family member who is gay and apart of that certain community. My friend and her family are very close to this person considering they’re family. It it completely none of my business but, my parents also somehow found this out before me. And they are skeptical with me continuing this friendship with her. They believe that since her family is okay with support the lgbt community, that it will affect me. I came to you for advice, what do I do? Should I pray istikhara? Do I talk to her about this?

If you think you might be affected by this over time, I recommend you keep a distance from her. But if you are confident that it won’t affect you, and that you will be firm in your adherence to proper morality, then you can continue to be friends with her. You can gently bring it up with her and just tell her that you don’t approve of that lifestyle, but you’ll continue to be friends as long as she doesn’t pressure you to be accepting of it.