There’s a strategy in trading called “Martingale strategy”. For example let’s say EUR vs USD is 1.00

With strategy, without analysis, I’ll buy 5 units for example at 1.00, if price hits 1.10 I make money. If price goes down to 0.90 I’ll sell 15 units, which will cover the loss from the previous trade and make money too. If price hits 0.80 I’ll make money which will cover the loss of previous position and with profit.

If price goes from 1.00 to 0.90 and goes back up to 1.00 without making money I’ll buy 30 units, which would cover the loss from the sell 15 units and in total I would have made money.

It’s a strategy that doesn’t need analysis, I just need a market that goes up and down to make money. It’s a way of making money without having to always watch and see if price goes my way or not, I can benefit either way

What I am understanding is that it’s a strategy of how much to buy and sell so that you do not end up at a loss overall or perhaps overall, you end up gaining a profit. If that is the case, there is no harm using this strategy.