This year we have with the blessings of Allah successfully organised provision for another imambargah in our city. This is the first meaningful Muharram my children have observed in 12 years by the blessings invoked by our Holy Masomeen.
The other group however have spread falsehood and fatwas of sort than anyone who attends anything we do as an anjuman, will not be accepted as ibadah. We are not in competition with them but they think we are.
I am having trouble dealing with intense hatred towards them which I didn’t before. I feel like sending lanat on these people but i am holding back. What should I do?

I recommend you exercise patience and continue serving Allah without worrying what people says. Disagreements and sometimes attacks are part of human nature sadly but the believers are those who focus on the bigger picture and want the reward from Allah (swt).

You should not say Lana on these people but rather pray for their guidance and forgiveness