To contextualize my question, I'm going to tell you what I'm not asking: Im not asking for proof of Ismah as a doctrine, but rather why Prophets have been given ismah in the context of predestination and free will. Moreover, I am not asking for proof of free will either.

My question is in multiple parts and I've done my best to break it down into yes/no type questions. okay, Bismillah.

Were Prophets chosen from the start or were they chosen conditional to whether someone in a society was capable of accepting Prophethood (by their own merit)?

If the former, then can't the objection be brought up that those prophets were essentially predestined heaven (and therefore making Allah unjust in some way)?

If the latter, then is it possible for ordinary people to reach the level of prophets?

If this is not possible and if what makes prophets better than ordinary humans the fact that Allah has granted them wahy and knowledge, then is it fair ask why ordinary people don't also receive that same treatment as mentioned by 12:24 which would thereby guarantee them heaven and protection from sin?

If the granting of wahy and knowledge is conditional upon someone having intelligence and purity, then is it a reasonable objection to say that intelligence is not a controllable factor?

If intelligence is not a controllable thing, then can the same objection be brought up that most intelligent people who are granted prophethood are guaranteed heaven (thus making Allah unjust again) because their uncontrollable faculty of reasoning was why they were granted wahy which prevents them from sin? (That is, someone's uncontrollable circumstances has led them to have a higher capacity, and therefore they have a greater opportunity to reach a higher level of heaven than ordinary people)

Please forgive the scatterbrained question, I had to think about how I was going to ask this. I'm not sure if you can ask for clarification on this app, so forgive any confusing wording.

Prophets were chosen conditional to whether someone in the society was capable to accepting the position

Yes, it’s possible for ordinary person to reach the level so long as meet all the requirements. However, the number of the prophets was destined

Intelligent might not be a controllable factor, however it’s usage is controllable. Up until today, ordinary people receive inspiration in place of Wahy.

The bottom we are created with choices to exercise. Whoever makes good use of his intellect, desire and imagination, Allah strengthen him and made him to excel and vice-versa.

Indeed we all have choices to make. Our beloved prophets and Imams had choices too.