To reduce incontinence by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, women are recommended to do the Kegel exercise. The Kegel exercise requires a woman to squeeze or contract her pelvic floor muscles. One form of exercise requires a woman to insert an apparatus which has a sensor, in her private part so that she can monitor her strength of her squeeze and to make sure that she is doing thd exercise correctly. Is this allowed in Islam? If this is allowed, will she have to do ghusul after each insertion? As a matter of general question, is any insertion of an object allowed (for eg. the use if tampons etc).

It is permissible to do this when it is needed, and ghusl is not required for that. It is also not necessary to do it (ghusl) in the event that other than the male part is inserted, unless the insertion of the device leads to the abundance of the liquid of desire, then the insertion is also forbidden.