To whom can we call Aulia Allah what we call Ashab e Kahf, Luqman e Hakeem, Hazrat Khizer ( A.S) . Are they wali ullah?

2) Also some pious people have been passed and we are calling them as wali. Are we saying right or wrong?
We are calling them wali because our ancestors were not shia and with the teaching of a person we became shia so due to his duty we are calling him wali. Tell me whether am I right or wrong?

1- Yes all of them can be called Awliya’Ullah. Anyone whom has a very high status and is praised by the Qur’an or Ahlulbayt (a) can be called this term. They are righteous people who lived decent lives and died on faith.

2- As for ordinary people, if they died on the true beliefs and they lived a righteous life then yes we can call them that even if they are our ancestors.