Unfortunately I was in prison for 4years and released march this year since then I've been looking applying for jobs sent nearly 40 applications and all unsuccessful except one, the job I’m currently doing only started there two weeks ago. It’s a charity that offers collection and delivery of food products. In these food products there is ham meat and all non halal meats along with non halal tinned foods.
All meats are packed in manufacturing package but I’m touching them by loading in my storage box suppliers by company and then taking back to there unit and packing in bags to distribute to poverty stricken people, homeless, single mothers etc.
I also deliver these bags to individuals. Is this haram job?
I have wife and four children to support so I took the job but constantly feel I’m making haram money by touching haram

1- Stocking and carrying alcohol is haram, but if you are just stocking ham it is permissible.

2- Yes, offering ham to a person directly is not permissible, but if you have no other job and you need to keep this job for sustenance then this is considered a necessity and so you can work this job. Yes if you find a halal alternative then seek it.