Very angry and upset with my mother because she said and did something to me that really upset me. I suffer from depression and major anxiety knowing all this and the medication that I take my mother still misbehaved with me. My state of mind is very sensitive and my mother does not help with the matter .She also talks to me and upset me deliberately and makes me look like a disrespectful Daughter amongst my family members . If I don’t speak to my mum will I get punished? Will my prays not be accepted. I just don’t want to see her because she upsets me what do you advice ?

I fully empathise with you. I also understand that you go through depression and anger outbursts.
However, your mother is your mother no matter what.You still need to respect her. You cannot stop your relationship with your mother.
Find out why she does what she does and what makes you angry.
Islam gives a very high regard for noble etiquettes and you need good communication. Try and find someone who con mediate between the two of you.
Pray to Allah to help you and your mother make your mother happy and find out the root cause of all this.