Wanted to know how the usual diet/food Ahlulbayt (as) used to have in order to remain healthy?

The human body to function properly requires sufficient protien & other macronutrients along with micronutrients (calcium,vitamins,minerals) and so on..
As per our traditions, our Holy Imams(as) including Imam Ali (as) – was participated in numerous wars & battles – consumed very minimum food which seemingly weakens the body

Nutrition is definitely important, but a believer can also seek spiritual power. Spiritual power can sometimes have amazing results. While the Imams would eat a little, their spirituality and conviction gave them great powers.

Having said that, here are some recommendations for one’s diet:

1- Never overeat. Stop eating when you are not full yet. Making one’s stomach full is very discouraged. It weakens one’s spirituality.

2- Don’t eat meat everyday, but don’t skip meat as well. Lamb is the most recommended type of meat. Eating it once or twice a week is good.

3- Skip a meal. For example, have breakfast, then make your next meal dinner. Then your next meal a late lunch, then the next one breakfast, and so on.

4- Eat dates, squash, pumpkin, grapes, fig, and quince (highly recommended). Eating

5- Don’t sleep on an empty stomach. Eat something even if it’s a small bite, like one piece of date.

6- Eating greens