Wanted your view on the following with regards to birth & reproduction system of the Holy Imams (as):

1. Al Majlisi reports (& probably others) that Imams are not carried in the wombs but only in the thighs & given birth from the thigh.
Is this true?

2. As reported, Imams (as) go in to sajdah/prostration right after birth.
Is this true as well?

3. Finally, do Ahlulbayt (as) reproduce via eyes, tears/fuild from the eyes?

All the above in my opinion is in sharp contrast with the functioning of a human body.
If any of the above are true – can we conclude that they (as) are not completely ’human’ in terms of biology.

1. This is not established
2. Yes we have evidence pointing to this
3. No I have not seen this