We are couple with (removed) toddlers things are not getting right even our intentions were right. We never harm or duped anyone always look ways to support parents and brothers and sisters in our best possible way. We both work hard to meet ours and family’s end meet. But Since last couple of months things are not going right for us. We incurring huge monetary losses bearing stressful relationship between us, always complaining, unintentional wastage of food or resources. Health wise all (removed) of us are suffering. The barakah is no more in our life’s. We both can’t stand each other. People whom we always being nice either uses us or become enemies with us.
We strongly feel there is some wrong doing or something bad is coming on our way.
Please Maula help us understand this situation and so we can act before our home breakup.

Not single moment passing without we being worried about Finances, losses, health, future, relationships kids etc.

This could be a test from Allah (swt) for you and Family. Allah tests us all in different ways. It’s very important to stay strong, patient and thankful to Allah. Staying positive is key, as is helping each other to get through this rough period.

It could be the evil eye as well, but we cannot be sure. In any case please pay sadaqa regularly, recite Ayat Kursi, the two ‘quls’, salawat as well as verse (68:51).

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