We currently have a guest living with us for a few weeks. The issue is this person has a habit of speaking bad about others even when the issue we're talking about has no relevance to the person. My husband spoke to the guest and I as well explained the evils of backbiting twice and once kindly told the guest I don't want to know the bad about their family members. While the guest reduced speaking bad about their family, instead started on backbiting about others who are not family!
What is my role here now? And how do I avoid the spiritual effects of this as I'm afraid I will become immune and be able to accept backbiting if this goes on any further.

Yes the impact of gheeba upon those who listen to it is harmful as well

You need to continue to object to the wrong as this is your duty. Speak gently to the person but firmly that you don’t want such statements or words in your house. You should not remain silent about it. Allah knows how hard it is for you especially as he’s a guest but He will help you and reward you. Keep reminding the person that they’re eating flesh of their brother and sister. That image should be on their minds when they’re about to backbite