We currently live in (removed) and have a comfortable life here. My husband talks about settling down in (removed) in the future, however I don’t want that as my family resides in (removed), and given the political differences between the two countries it is difficult to travel to and fro easily. And will be difficult for me to visit my home country.
To this he replies that if he wants he can keep me in (removed) against my will as religiously it is permissible and also if a husband wants he can stop his wife from meeting her parents.

I want to know the religious perspective on this, can a husband keep his wife somewhere against her will and wish?

And to what extent this is true that if needed a husband can stop his wife from meeting her family.

Although it is true, wife can't go outside her house without her husband permission, husband has no right to stop his wife to meet her parents. He shouldn't do it.