We have a cat that has been coming to our backyard for over a month now. She would always come and wait outside for us to let her into the kitchen. She’s still very young and appears to have a lot of injuries on her. The amount of time she spends with us leads us to think she’s a stray. We have been feeding her, letting her sleep in a small box in the kitchen, playing with her etc. And can see that she has become attached to us, as we are for her. We want to take her in after taking her to the vets to get checked up but my parents are worried about the hair and how it will affect our salaah. We live in a very small house alhamdulillah so there’s no option of keeping a separate room for prayers so the cat hair on the carpet will be inevitable. What can we do?

You can keep the cat in the house. For prayer, use a prayer mat that is clean and has no cat hair. And just make sure there is no cat hair on your clothes when praying. You can use a lint roller or remover to quickly remove any cat hair. As long as you try to observe that, you can keep the cat.