We have a shia knowledge ladies group and a few members have asked me this question.
"Shaitaan whispers to me..even when on namaz and in wudoo"
"shaitaan is always in my mind and making me do wrong"
"why is this happening to me?"
"How do I fight this shaitaan? any duas or supplications?".

This is a normal thing.
It is his job.
You have to resist him, and do not listen to him or follow him.
Let me give you an example:
If some one asked you to eat very delicious piece of cake, which he put all his effort in making it so beautiful and pretty looking, while you that it is full of poison, and it will kill you immediately, are you going to listen to him and accept his invitation?

Your answer will be (NO), for sure.
Because you know that he is your enemy, and wants to kill you?
Isn't it?
Then, you have to do the same with shaitan, because he is your enemy, as Allah said, so you should not accept his invitations or answer his calls.
Keep reciting (Qul A'oothu birabelfalaq) and (Qul A'oothu birabennass)