We have been married about 15 years but lately I noticed that the respect of wife to her husband getting less and less everyday from housework( she only do cook and other then that I do it after coming back from work or my son does it after school) and up to the extend of our intimate relationship( she said she not so interested with sex). Wakeup from sleep, phone, evening phone, night phone, before sleep phone either doing her online business or watching movie but most of the time is watching movie.

This is a normal condition when life is monotonous, not rejuvenated. Have you tried to change things in some way, like going out for a walk or a picnic from time to time, eating in a restaurant? Did you sit down with her and ask her what she's missing, what she needs? Are you trying to let her feel that you love her?

When a man is busy with life needs, and does not spend enough time with his wife, then it is normal that she look for an alternate, and thank God that your wife's alternative is to watch TV and movies.

Get close to her, get her off TV, through discussing different things with her, taking her opinion in different issues. Also, take care of your self, using fragrances, and treat her as a bride.