We run a small, NGO, dedicated to helping those who are struggling financially. We collect donations for individual cases. We share the particular case, and people send donations for them.

I believe that we should give the money collected from the donations to those whose case was presented and for whom the donations were made. My mother says that we should give only that sum of money to those whose case was presented that should be enough for them to resolve their issues. The remaining money from the donations for that family/person after their financial need has been met, should be given to the other needy.

This time, we collected donations for a family but my mother says that the collected money should be given to a different family who needs it more, as the former family has the capacity to manage their financial issue to some extent.

The issue that I have with this is that the money was collected for someone else and should be given only to them. My mother wants to give that money to the other family. Is this okay?

This mother of the family, that my mother wants to give the money to, is usually extremely forceful and makes my mother give her the money every fee months by crying and making all sorts of claims, and by saying that my mother needs to get her money by hook or by crook. My mother is also extremely worried about this situation but says that she has to help the lady because Allah Almighty may become angry with her if she doesn’t.

If people donating are aware that excess funds would be used for other charitable purposes or generally they know that this is a common practice then it is OK. You can have a disclaimer that explains that. If, however, they are not aware, or they do not consent to such practices then it is not permissible