What advice is recommended for situations as a husband living with his parents and his wife. I am recently married with my wife (3 months) and live with my parents. My wife is having trouble acclimating to living with my parents … My parents are getting frustrated because they don’t feel it’s right and I feel for them and my wife. My parents are so frustrated that they want to kick us out and live on our own. What advice do you suggest? I want to live with my parents and keep them happy and at the same time, I want to keep my wife happy too.

These are always tough circumstances to navigate because we must maintain our respect and care for our parents while simultaneously upholding the rights of our spouse. As such, maybe it is best to strike a balance and rotate visiting the two mosques so both your parents and wife are happy. On the other hand, realize that your wife has left the familiarity of her home and family to live with you and your parents, so maybe make an effort to accommodate her, and in turn she will feel a greater desire to do the same. It is hard to please everyone, so uphold their rights to the best of your ability