What are some things one can do to make himself as grateful as possible for everything Allah swt has bestowed upon him, is there a limit to how grateful we can be? And if so how does one reach it,

1- Always recognize you can never really do justice to the blessings of Allah and you can never really show him full gratitude. Recognizing this in itself is a form of gratitude to Allah.

2- Write all the blessings of Allah in a long list in a notebook. Think of all the factors Allah created and how he brought them together so you can live. A quick example is a slice of pizza. The dough was made from wheat, and the wheat was grown by a farmer in soul. The rain came from thousands of miles away. So much work was done on the land. Then the harvest came. Then the wheat had to be milled. Then it was sent to a factory, then to a store, and then someone made the dough…then think of the cheese and how it was made, and then the vegetables…it is mind boggling how millions of factors worked together so you can eat the pizza. Think of this. It makes you grateful.

3- Don’t waste any food or resources

4- Use Allah’s resources in His obedience

5- Read this Du’a: