What are the acts of worship except namaz which are permissible to do during haiz ? Also can a female recite quran from the app online during haiz?

You can recite dua. Its recommended to go to your place of salat during the times you normally pray and do tasbih and dua.

As for reciting the Quran:
Zurāra has narrated: I asked Imam al-Bāqir (as) about the menstruating woman and the person who is in a state of major ritual impurity: can they recite anything of the Qurʾān? He said: Yes, whatever they wish, except verses of prostration, and they can engage in the remembrance of Allah in any circumstance.’

It is forbidden for a menstruating woman to touch the text of the Qurʾān, to touch the names of Allah (so long as they are referring to Him), and also the names of the Prophets and Imams : according to precaution.

She is forbidden from reciting those verses of the Qurʾān which require an obligatory prostration, or even their respective sūras based on precaution.

So if she is reading from her phone she should take care not to touch the text of the Quran.