What can I do when I feel depressed because of my arrogance? I don't want to be arrogant, but I think I am. How do I fix my internal thoughts? I feel like deep down, I want to be famous. I want everyone to like me, for me to be better than everyone and every time I get these thoughts I seek refuge to Allah from the devil. I feel like I'm stuck, like I'm confused. What can I do?

1- Try to focus on your relationship with Allah without thinking about other people. Imagine you have left this life and you’re on your own with God. Suddenly you’ll realize that people don’t matter. This helps with arrogance. Another strategy is think of this scenario: imagine if you were told that you have 6 months to live. How would that change arrogance you are finding in your heart? Realize that one day we will have to leave.

2- We all struggle with arrogance. It’s one of our greatest trials. We must constantly put our arrogance in check by realizing that we are nothing without God. And that Allah created me just like He created others.

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3- Recite this Dua from Dua Kumayl constantly:

واجعلني في جميع الاحوال متواضعا