What do you say about these "new age" scholars in the West that pose under the guise of Shia Islam, want to use the corrupt Western philosophy in order to fulfil their arrogance and say things to their students like there are benefits to sins nauthoubileh. Then when you say this is against Quran and Ahlulbayt (As) they say things like the Holy Quran says alcohol has benefit and harm. And you say to them yes and because the harm is worse than the benefit it's forbidden. These very strange analogies I said to the "scholar" the Quran also says there are people with perverse minds seeking to change the Quran to their own desires.

I am sick of the West and it's blasphemous community even the so called religious community.

There are always some people who are trying to divert the people towards wrong path. This is not a new stream, and those people are always coming in religion dress, because it is the most influential dress to lead the people.
My advise is not to listen to them, and if you can stand in front of them, and prove that they are playing with concepts, then go a head.
You should warn the people about them.