What does our religion say about our responsibility when it comes to taking care of the earth in relation to climate change?

There are several Ayat in The Holy Quran that speak about the earth and how God created it and made it useful for mankind.

The Almighty God tells us to enjoy and use it but not to waste. Then the prophet peace be upon him and his family emphasizes on beautifying the earth and planting and protecting trees and the environment. He says If you see signs of the day of judgment and you’re holding a tree that you were about to plant plant it before the day of judgment. Imam Ali peace be upon him says write your lines close to each other (so that you don’t waste paper). Imam Sadeq peace be upon him aaid to someone who had water from the river and through the left over on the ground where it was not watering a plant and was wasted to not waste that water rather either water or some thing with it or empty it back in the river. We have many stories and narrations like this that emphasizes the importance of protecting natural resources and using it positively rather than abusing it and being wasteful