What does Shia Islam say about Baha’i religion and Sufism?

Both are not accepted but if Sufism is not what normally a Sufi involves in e.g having wrong way of life with music and not practicing common practices of Islam then it would be a sect which has gone astray. Sufism with a separate ideology regarding the cognisant of Allah (swt) is not accepted unless they believe what Prophet (saww) has taught us. But unfortunately Sufism has mixed many more thoughts and ideologies which was not said by Prophet(saww) that is why we don’t accept Sufism but in parallel to Sufism what has been appreciated is Irfan (Mysticism). Baha’ism is a totally misguided sect. They are non Muslims they don’t follow any of the Obligatory acts of Islam eg Namaz, Saum and Hajj ect. and are considered Najis.