What if we're living in a household where we have to open our fasts according to the Sunni iftar times, 10mins earlier that is. Will it be considered as breaking the fast? If yes, then what to do in this situation?
I would like to mention that my mum belongs to the Shia fiqqa and so do I, unlike my dad who's from the Sunni fiqqa. And it's because of him that I can't carry on my fast till our actual time. I because of my dad's restrictions, have to open my fast with him as soon as the Azaan is said. Although I am an adult myself but I can't defy him and go against what he says. I want tp know if my fast is considered incomplete if I do this. And how can I correct this? I've been fasting this way for more than 10 years now, and do I do qaza roza ? Or do I give Kafara?

You have to continue the fast for another 15 minutes. You need to tell your father you are doing precaution.