What is concept of oracles and spirit in Islam. I saw many women fall ill in this circumstances. How to get rid of it?

Jinns may have negative impacts on humans. Evil jinns are considered demons or devils (shayateen). Some people blame every bad thing on jinns. That’s not the case. Many of our problems and sufferings are the result of:

1- Sins
2- Mistakes and bad decisions
3- Being tried by Allah

But yes, sometimes jinn can harm humans. Here’s what to do to protect from the influence of Jinn:

1- Reciting the 4 Suras that start with Qol قل every day

2- Writing Ayatul Kursi and hanging it on the wall of each room

3- Burning Harmal (peganum seed) in the house

4- Pouring vinegar in the corners of the house

5- Reciting the Adhan loudly at home

6- Keeping pigeons at home. The flapping of their wings repels the jinn

7- Wearing the Herz of the Imams, such as the Herz of Imam Jawad (a).