What is namaz e shab as asked by Imam Hussain a.s. to Bibi Zainab s.a. of evening of Ashura – where Imam said to remember him

Salatul Layl is call as namaz e shab also is one of the highly recommended Mustahab prayer it was wajib for Prophet but for rest of his ummah it is mustahab and in that prayer at last one that we call salatul Witr it has recommended we ask Dua or Maghferat or forgiveness for 40 people that is why Imam Husain (a.s) asked Bibi Zainab that don’t forget me in your dua during Salatul Layl.

The time for praying Salatul-Layl is from midnight (midnight is reckoned as the time which is exactly half the time between sunset and the actual dawn) to the time of Adhan for Fajr prayers. However, it can be prayed at anytime after Isha prayers but it is better to pray during the last part of the night near to the time of Fajr prayers. If it is not possible to pray after midnight or before Fajr, then it can be recited in the morning or any part of the day with the niyyah (intention) of Qadha. It is better to recite with the niyyah of Qadha during the day time than to pray in the early part of the night. Salatul-Layl is made up of Eleven Rak’ats.