What is the 'nafs?' In general? Is the nafs (the thing comprised of intellect, desires, passions and creativity) the soul or does the soul drive the nafs? (Can you please elaborate on this point? The general definitions are too vague)

When Imam Ali is referred to as anfusana, what is the extent of similarity in essence to his relationship to the Prophet?

How does this relate to the idea of wilayah, which according to Shaheed Mutahhari means that two things become so close that they are indistinguishable?

NAFS (lust and desires or animal inside us), ROOH (spirit the pure power of intellect or an angel inside us), when NAFS becomes under total control of the AQL (ROOH) , then it becomes like one thing, because then NAFS does not do any thing which goes against the AQL. So when the angel takes control of the animal then they both become cohered, as one distinguishable.