What is the best method of finding someone for mut'ah?

Even though I dislike masturbation, I find myself vulnerable to it because of my desires. My question is why is masturbation seen as very detestable in Islam? This is action I will never defend as I know it's not permissible. Though, as I grew up in a Western society. I can't for some reason see the reasons behind such prohibition. If you can enlighten me through the evidences through the sayings of the Ahlul Bayt or or the Sunnah or the Prophet Muhammad, I would very much appreciate that. Sources can be in Arabic as well.

1- Best way to find someone for Mut'ah.
There are no ways to do so. If you found a divorced or widow lady, you can make a mut'ah proposal.
If she accepted, then you can make aqd nikkah.
2- Why Masturbation Is Detestable?
It is not the right way to pass the sexual need, and there are many narrations about it being not permitted by Islam.