What is the correct method of namaze shab by Ayatollah Sistani.

Namaz e Shab consists of 11 rakats.
– 4 prayers of each 2 rakat which makes 8 rakaat. It is to be recited like the fajr prayers. Reciting the second surah is not wajib but recommended.
– 2 rakat namaz e shaf' which is again to be recited like the fajr prayers where it is better that the qunoot is not recited.
– 1 rakat namaz e witr in which after Surah Hamd, it is recommended to recite 3 surah ikhlas, surah naas and surah falaq. These surahs are recommended and you can either recite them or omit them and recite surah fatiha only.
– Then is qunoot. To whatever extent you can lengthen it, do so. You can recite 300 times already al-afw, 70 istighfar and then pray for 40 believers. You can recite any other dua as well depending on your own ability. You can either lengthen or shorten it based on what you feel comfortable with.