What is the reality of Sehr/ Âain/ Jinn etc?
There has so many Quranic Verses like; Surah al-Baqarah, Ayat al-Qursee, Surah ar-Rahman, 4 Qool, Verses of La'ânat, Verses of Ahqam, Verses of Adalat, Verses of Hell, Verses of Creation Theory, Truth and Reality, and if Islam is Islam,
Laa Hawla Wa La Quuwata, Illa Billahe al-Âliyel Ajeem,
Iqra Keetabaka Kafa be-Nafseeka Yawoma Âlaika Haseebah,
Innama A'âmalahu Bin-Niyat,
everyone responsible for own fe'l etc. that's proof indirectly that no need to worry about all of those things, then what should I do about my reality, life and eternity & what's the Aqaêed?

I want pure knowledge, representation, and understanding from Karbala.

Jin/ Sehri/ jinn etc are real as outlined by some verses of the Quran. What you need to do is to be good person, remember Allah and Ahlul bait now and then. All shall be well and nothing to worry about