What is the ruling on if your body parts such as hands legs or fingers touches the side areas such as walls or glass door during ghusl? Is ghusl still valid or we need to purify those walls with water too? As those places are already wet because water reaching there prior we started our ghusl.

The reason for the question is because we are living in west and also I dont believe we have to purify the inner area in the washroom but your assistance or clarification can help me.

We know there are two types of Impurities(Najasat), Physical and Spiritual.Those that are related to physical body we call them “Hadath al Asghar” and this which are related to our spirit is called “Hadath al Akber”. Now if a person has passed wind from rear or had urination or released himself, he has to clean only that area let’s say Urinary parts and anal region and for Namaz has to do Wudhu. Incase of passing wind even no need to wash that part just has to do Wudhu.
But Incase of Janabat, Hayz, Nefas, Istehaza, and touching the dead body he/she has do wajib Ghusl before Namaz or touching the letter of Quran or entering into the mosque etc but in this case his outer body is not NAJIS therefore if he/she sits or touches any object that would not become Najis as he/she has NO AYN e NAJIS ( original najasat). So now there is no need of washing the walls or bathing tub before or after Ghusl at all. During the Ghusl when we put water over our body either by hand shower or Jug etc the water drops down after touching our body is NOT a NAJIS water ( only in case of Janabat if a person has washed out the semen remained on his/her body after that his/her body becomes Pak Physically now he /she has to do Niyat of Qurabatan Ilallah to make is sprit PAK and then he/she will be able to perform any wajib rituals like Tawaf, Namaz etc.