What is the value of surah Al masad? Allah(swt) is directly giving judgement on this specific person. Saying he will perish and go to hell fire. What value does this surah have? Quran came as a reminder and a mercy to mankind.

Abu laheb was one of the biggest oppressors to the Muslims. Others say this verse reminds us the punishment for oppression. But we didn’t need a whole surah to identify this when it’s in the Quran multiple times. “Oppression is worse then killing”

1- It is indeed a miracle because all Abu Lahan had to do to disprove the Qur’an was to become Muslim. But Allah predicted that he wouldn’t.

2- The Qur’an is warning him basically that if he doesn’t stop his oppression then he will go to hell. Not that he is destined to hell. He had free will and he could have chosen to believe. So it’s a warning to him and other oppressors.

3- The Surah is indicating to all people: your blood relations won’t save you if you fail your test. Here’s the uncle of the Prophet and he is condemned for disbelieving. Don’t think God works like you people (briberies and connections and lobbies..) Even if you are related to the Prophet, you must be good and do good to pass your test. This was a powerful lesson to that ignorant tribal society.

4- This Surah also showed the honesty of the Prophet. In that tribal society you wouldn’t condemn your uncle even if he was evil. When Qur’an condemned Abu Lahab, it became clear the Prophet doesn’t act out of his own desire, or that he plays favoritism. He is honest and sincere.

5- Abu Lahab caused massive damage to Islam and justice. He would go telling people and tribes “he is my nephew I know him he is insane…” The stopped many people from joining Islam. He deserved such condemnation.