What is wilayat e Takwini?

Wilāyat Takwini is that Wilāyat which allows the wali or guardian to administer and plan the affairs of all things in any way that he pleases. It also means to possess the power and ability to affect ontological affairs and to have the ability to administer the natural order of the World and to disrupt its usual system.
Wilāyat in ontology (takwin) is specific to Allah and according to Tawhid Rabubi it is He alone, by means of His Wilāyat, who has the power to control the world and thus manifests His guardianship and lordship in many different forms. Concerning the ontological Wilāyat of Allah, the Holy Qur'an says that He is the guardian (wali) of the believers and it is He who takes them out of darkness and into light.
Allah in the Holy Qur'an, on many occasions, proclaims that Wilāyat is confined solely to Him and that looking towards others is no benefit and only brings about lose and disappointment. In a verse He says that the oppressors have no guardian or helper and has severely reprimanded those people who take others as their guardian and helper instead of Him; He then says that only Allah is the guardian of the servants and it is Him who will bring the dead back to life and has power over all things.