What should I worry more about? The world or my own matters? Say for example the situation of Iraq and Iran makes me so worried that I cannot concentrate on my personal affairs. My relation with my parents my siblings my nieces is being effected because of this. I cannot focus on my job. Whenever I try to be loyal to all these I feel as if I m being selfish and I have to be worried about world affairs. I don't know what to do.

It’s more important to worry about your own matters. Yes believers should show concern for world affairs, but remember:

1- We have a lord who is managing the entire universe and he has a plan. Don’t worry too much.

2- We have an Imam. Imam Mahdi. Through him Allah will take care of things.

So don’t worry too much and rest assured that Allah is seeing everything and while the enemies plan, He plans too, and he is the best of planners.