When discussing the supposed crucifixion of Nabi Isa (a) I’ve always heard the narrative that someone was made to resemble him and that person died on the cross, not Jesus. Recently I came across a video online that made me curious to see if this theory the person was stating was a valid Shia one as well, so I went onto Al-Islam.org and found an interview with Shaykh Muhammad jawad Cherri about his views on the interpretation of this event. Below I will leave the link to the page. To summarize briefly there’s another theory that doesn’t involve the divine miracle of changing a disciples appearance and having them die on the cross in jesus’ stead, rather the Jews did put Jesus on the cross but he didn’t die as a result and he was still alive when they buried him. Basically saying the Jews made a mistake proclaiming him dead. The interview explains the details much better than I could. I’ve also seen both interpretations of Quran chapter 4, verse 157. One translated verse says the verse says “ but another was made to resemble him” and the other doesn’t, I cannot read Arabic so go strictly based off of translation of the Quran. When I asked someone who speaks it fluently they said that it doesn’t include the part that says “but another was made to resemble him.” If that is the case then why do the majority of scholars accept that specific narrative? From hadith or other verses in the Quran?

Link to article : https://www.al-islam.org/inquiries-about-islam-shaykh-muhammad-jawad-chirri/where-islam-and-christianity-agree-and-differ

There is strong Hadith that stands alongside the Quran to highlight that isa (a) was not crucified and someone resembling him was. The theory you mentioned is a theory and it’s not substantiated